World Education Fact


Sub-Saharan Africa has one of the world’s lowest adult literacy rates, with only 60 per cent of the population of 15 and over able to read and to write in 2000, well below the world average of 80 per cent.

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Organizational Structure

APEEDEC is governed by a Board of Advisors with members from various nations. General membership is open to everyone, and interested individuals are encouraged to join and participate. Please note, however that formal membership is not required of individuals who wish to contribute funds or participate in the activities of the organization. Contributions and/or participation from individuals as well as from charitable organizations, philanthropic organizations, businesses, corporations, community groups, and churches is greatly appreciated.

We are a non-profit organization with an IRS tax-exempt status. Therefore, contributions are fully tax-deductible to extent allowed by law. The organization has selected education and children as its main focus because of the acute need, particularly in developing countries. Your participation and contributions will help provide these children with hope, while at the same time enable them to meaningfully contribute to the global family.